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Share your Post-HVCC Experiences

Appraisers called the real estate/lending collapse years before it happened, based on what they were seeing- liars loans, inflated values, excessive pressure, an over reliance and misuse of AMVs, but no one was listening. It’s our belief that those “in the trenches” know better than any expert about the health of the profession and, post HVCC, the ability of appraisers to fulfill their role in the lending process. For this reason, and at this critical time, WRE and OREP have established an HVCC Appraiser Talkback Blog and survey to give the profession a voice. Now you can share your first-hand experiences about life after HVCC with fellow appraisers, regulators and lawmakers here.


There are a lot of “expert” opinions circulating about the possible effects of the HVCC but you are the only ones who will know the net effect on the profession and on your practice. Our hope is that an exchange of first-hand experiences and lessons learned will have a positive effect on the profession and your business. Many regulators, lenders/AMCs and lawmakers also read Working RE, and their thoughts and perspectives are welcome too.

Share your experiences now.