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Organize and Discuss Solutions for the Appraisal Industry

Boycott: Winds of Change?
Appraisers are known for their individualistic nature, which often thwarts collective action. But organizers take note: 68 percent of respondants to the Working RE/OREP HVCC Survey: One Year On, agree that “refusing to work for unrealistically low appraisal fees could be an effective strategy for raising fees back up to pre-HVCC levels.” And 62 percent believe that “a national appraisal ‘boycott’ could be an effective strategy for calling attention to and changing current industry conditions” that they consider unfavorable to appraisers. Surprisingly, 65 percent say they “would join and contribute financially to an appraisal ‘trade group’ to advocate for appraiser interests.”

This comment, posted to our survey is representative of many: “Because of the nature of our business, our need to be independent and objective, we need one organization to be able to call us together as a group to boycott the unreasonable fees. Either this or we should go to a panel style, get rid of the AMCs and be able to receive a fair fee for our work. Some of the fees I see quoted from AMCs, with everything they expect, are totally unreasonable and whoever is doing the work could not possibly be making more than minimum wage if you consider all the time involved.”

We have established this place for appraisers to discuss this issue and organize. Leave your ideas and support here.