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Appraiser Trainee Blog

Appraiser Trainee Blog is a place where mentors/sponsors (and trainees) can exchange information on what is working for them and what isn’t, as well as a “services offered/services needed” section where trainees and mentors can find each other. A few appraisers complain of not being able to find trainees! Hopefully this will help some of you achieve your goals. If it’s like our earlier efforts, such as the Working RE/OREP HVCC TalkBack Blog, regulators and others from state and federal government- those who can make things happen, will be checking in in addition to tens of thousands of appraisers. If you want your ideas to be taken seriously, please make the comments constructive and cogent (please use spell check!). That’s not bad advice if you’re trying to put your best foot forward as a trainee either.

If you’d like to post a specific opportunity or need, please post a comment to our thread: Mentorships Wanted / Offered