Appraiser Rater: AMC Ratings by Appraisers

As suggested by readers, this space is designated for appraisers to comment on their experiences with AMCs that they have worked with. Whether it’s a major or private AMC, a good experience or bad, please share with your fellow appraisers. Include fee expectations, turn time expectations, unusual requests, flow of business, reporting requirements, ease of technology platform, payment and pressure issues or any other criteria. This is intended as a free exchange of information to help appraisers make informative decisions about the AMCs they work with. Please keep all comments constructive, factual and fair.

Please note that Working RE and OREP do not substantiate or verify any of the comments posted here.

602 Responses to Appraiser Rater: AMC Ratings by Appraisers

  1. Scott says:

    I think you’re all spoiled rotten. I work for an AMC and I can tell you that they’re not all the same. We charge a nominal fee to the lender on top of the appraiser’s fee. We treat appraisers with respect and value their opinions. We pay them promptly. That said, the problem is lenders. They’re greedy and regulation is a joke. If the banks weren’t fleecing everyone blind, maybe then the market would improve. I just get sick of all the hate directed at AMC’s. We do serve an important purpose whether you guys believe it or not. Have a nice day!

    • Aaron says:

      Care to mention which AMC you work for? If it’s as good as you say most appraisers would want to know. Otherwise it sounds as if you’re blowing smoke. And as far is the “hate” directed toward AMC’s well that’s simply a self inflicted wound they created themselves.

    • Vincent says:

      I was out in the field for 12 years as a residential appraiser. UAD was a huge hurdle for me and then Collateral Underwriter came along and scared me out of appraising. I applied for a reviewer position at an AMC just to get an understanding of what was going on behind the scenes. I have been working with them for almost a year now. I thought they were scum when I was out in the field and I am sure some AMCs still are, but I am starting to understand why they exist. Underwriters and appraisers DO NOT know how to communicate with each other. Most appraisers do not feel they need to provide commentary to support their adjustments and most underwriters have never been out in the field so they do not know why an adjustment is being made by the appraiser. As a reviewer for an AMC, we are here to clear up the confusion before the appraisal gets to the client. They do not want their underwriter going back and forth with an appraiser to support their adjustments and reconciliation. That is why the clients pay the extra fee to the AMC and it appears to be a successful relationship due to the quick turnaround times being made. Typically, the extra fee is $100-$125 on top of the $300-$450 fee paid to the appraiser. This fee is not unreasonable to the client considering the LO is pocketing thousands at closing. If appraisers want to get rid of the AMCs, support all your adjustments with commentary, reconcile your opinion of value with the best comparable sales in the market area (Not Average Weight given to all sales) and be pleasant to talk to. That is the only way the appraiser profession will gain respect from banks again. They would rather an AMC deal with a confrontational appraiser than their underwriting staff. About 90% of the underwriting requests after an AMC review is typically to change the sale price or seller concessions. Now if the appraiser misses contract, expect the LO and selling agent to send comparable sales to try and support the value which is or is not there. They are just trying to make their clients happy by trying to get to contract. A good appaiser will list the sales within the report and tell the client these sales do/do not provide a meaningful comparison and why they do/do not support the opinion of value. A bad appraiser would rather go back and forth with the AMC requesting another fee to research the comps supplied by the client. Since I started working with this AMC more and more clients have been signing up due to our nationwide coverage. I hate to say it, but good AMCs are here to stay unless appraisers clean up their act of making adjustments with no support and reconciling value because its their opinion. You better support it or your State Board and Fannie Mae might be sending you a letter soon. Good Luck!

  2. Appraisal Guru says:

    I work with ACT and Guideline AMC. They are the ONLY AMC’s that I will work with now. I prefer Guideline as they have appraisers on staff if I have a question and they pay fast and fair. It think they make 50 to 75 bucks. Their system is very easy to use too.

    Good luck and stay away from any AMC that takes longer than 30-35 days to pay. Happens once, shame on them. Happens twice, shame on you!

    Appraisers Rock!

    • Sharon Edwards says:

      whatever you do do not work with Accurate Group LLC. They have never paid me correctly, I always have to call, and they say “sorry it is part of our operations group” they often tell me that my check is mailed out and I do not receive it for more than 30 days! And it is still the wrong amount.

      if you have ever worked for them and their lender TCF Bank you will be subjected to an underwriter that will write pages and pages of corrections and ask things that cannot be answered even with thorough research and verification. they are impossible to work for.

  3. Nal says:

    Here is a new one. Trimavin is charging the appraiser $10 to upload the report! Can they do this?

    • MW says:

      Yes they can. Nothing prevents an AMC from doing this, but the practice is unsavory. I say this as someone who works in an executive level at an AMC. It is a way to either generate additional profit to their bottom line – which is really unfair to you and also violates the spirit of Dodd Frank in terms of disclosure of fees to the lender.

      The other reason it is done is that the AMC does not have its own technology platform. If they are using a technology platform from a 3rd party provider, there is a fee paid for each appraisal they do…and there is a cost of uploading reports too. So they pass that fee to you.

      It’s not cool though….and I would encourage you to work with AMCs that don’t charge these fees, and recommend those AMCs to your lender partners.

      • phillip goodrich says:

        Just charge more. I have listen to appraiser complain about not making money just stop taking appraisals cheaper than what is needed. It does become a supply and demand factor. I have charged as much as $1,000.00 for a single family appraisal in a rural area. I have raised my fees. My normal fee is between $485.00 to $685.00. I turn down work all the time. If you are not making money you might think about your position as an appraiser. If you can not value your own business than why should anyone think you know how to value something they are working on? Just a thought.

      • I take care of four appraisers. It is my job to keep them working, get them the decent Fees, and check out everyone who wants us to take on appraisal orders (deep Internet Searches, Appraiser Forums and of course this site). I will tell you that those companies that charge TECH, UPLOAD, WHATEVER, fees that will eat those fees by adding it into our fees. What I do is I conditionally turn down the order and add $50 to our fee. Sometimes I get a call wondering about the fee and I tell them the fee they try to charge us is silly. We do not charge for Tech, Insurance, MLS, Internet cost, fuel (most of the time) ect, because we added that into our fee schedule. They ask me “why my fee request adjustment is higher than their Tech fee” and I let them know it is because of the time I am taking away from doing my job. Even after we talk, this order will have my +$50 fee added and afterwards most AMCs add their fee into our cost so they do not have to pay the additional “Waste of Time Fee”.

  4. South Carolina Appraiser says:

    I received an appraisal assignment from Elliott & Company Appraisers out of North Carolina. They also do appraisal management. I completed the appraisal, $2,500 for a difficult assignment. Never paid, so I went to small claims court and won my case. These *$$ @#%*$ then filed a complaint with the SC Appraisal Board. Be warned of these types of amc’s. this is the last one I do work for. Just say NO to amc’s.

  5. Retired Appraiser says:

    Appraisers across the U.S. are still accepting orders from AMCs (after the 12 billion complaints listed on this web page). I think it’s time to sue them collectively for stupidity.

  6. Sara says:

    Lori – do you have the name and contact info for the attorney for Vesta Valuation?

  7. OneAppraiser says:

    corelogic is reportedly being sold. can this company get any worse?

  8. JIMMY C. CORN says:

    Collateral Mgt. offered me an FHA interior refi for the grand sum of $190.00 LMFAO
    I told them to get bent.

  9. Bmart23 says:

    Service 1st. Now over 60 days. Nuff said.

  10. DE Appraiser says:

    Why do appraisers continue to accept appraisals from AMC Links? They are offering FHA assignments for $315.00 with 1 day turn around and considerable requirements.

  11. SC Appraiser says:

    Anyone do any work for USRES, US Real Estate Serv., out of CA. They seem to do REO’s and want 5 values. Asking for bids. I don’t like working with amc’s so far away. Some of the past amc’s doing REO’s have aways paid slow.
    Anyone doing work for Equity Valuation Parters out of Mississippi. Their requirements are questionable. So much BS and probley not a very good fee. Thanks

    • Bill says:

      I would avoid AMC’s in CA if you are located on the East Coast. Had nothing but trouble with them.

    • anon says:

      Many years ago USRES was a great company to work with. Then they hired 10 high paid execs, and slashed all appraiser fees in half nationally. Over 10 years ago, their standard appraisal fee was anywhere from 350 to 500 straight up, and assigned directly to panel appraisers. If you like to support bloated worthless corporate compensation, USRES is a good fit for you.

  12. ma2804 says:

    Wow! Just reading all the AMC complaints that people are writing. When will appraisers get smart and stop doing business with them? Appraisal Advisor is the place all these comments need to be placed. It is becoming the de facto standard for lenders to view. The rumor is that OCC has mandated that lenders check this site before using the AMC. Don’t know if it’s true or not but the logic sounds good. Now that the interest rates have started to climb and refi’s are dwindling, maybe some of the AMC parasites will close down. The big ones like StreetLinks, NVS, Axis, and others may survive but it’s going to be tough for everyone. I would also expect appraiser shrinkage at a faster rate than we’ve seen since HVCC days. Should be interesting to see what happens in 2014.

  13. New to Business says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    I am a new person in this business (just barely 2 years) and after reading this forum i am feeling like saying “What the hell is wrong with most of you, people????” Everyone complain about this and that AMC, and no, i don’t defend them but i am saying that IF EVERYONE WILL STOP ACCEPTING ORDERS FROM THEM FOR A MONTH OR SO THAT MIGHT CHANGE THE SITUATION IN OUR FAVOR. But guess what: none of you would do it because you are the reason AMC treat you like this.
    I would say that it is probably worth of not accepting orders for a month and most likely have changes for the best after it, then working for years and not getting paid for it. Another words, you, appraisers, prefer to work for free instead of taking a month off free work. Unfortunately, even if half agrees to boycott AMC there is always another half that will accept this work and that will do no good.

    • Semi Retired says:

      As long as new “hungry” people continue to come into the business and those looking for “any” additional income to supplement, AMC will continue to exist and abuse and pre 1978 fees will continue in the profession. I say, not 1 month, but never. When appraisers stop “cannibalizing” each other for any scrap of meat hanging on the bones AMC throw into a pit of ravenous appraisers, we will just keep getting what we have now. I haven’t taken an AMC order and I get 4 requests emailed to me daily. Stop AMC’s and stop the slavery. Declare independence this year and get your lives, livelihood, and income back.

  14. Dan T says:

    This site along with others like it have been a life saver or Business saver. I have found and they seem to have taken AMC and Fee watch to a whole new level. Thank you for having a site that has been truly a very very useful tool.

  15. Andy Harper says:

    We are not independent contractores anymore.
    The federal government has branded us just like cattle and it will get worse. The majority of the work in my county is done by North carolina appraisers. They never come to our tax assessor ‘s office. Does the appraisal industry care. Our state does not.

  16. Erik Sanchez says:

    Hello appraisers… My name is Erik and my company is very concerned with the way you hard-working appraisers are being handled by these lenders/AMCs. I personally have a close friend who is also an appraiser and I know how hard you guys work for your living. It’s not just taking pics and writing reports… It’s a very meticulous job and I probably would stink at it! But, I’m not in the Appraisal Industry, I am in the collections industry. My company is owned by the Kuntz Law Firm, based out of Houston,Texas. We have heard several horror stories about how many of you guys have been victims of “theft of services”. We empathize with you and would like to offer our services to recover as much money as we can for you before the money is unreachable. We specialize in closing the gap between you and those who have benefited from your hard work. If you need help with this, I encourage you to call me. My number is Five One Two, Nine Two Zero, Six Six Zero Four. I’m not sure if it’s against the rules to post this, but I’m confident we can help you before it’s too late to recover your money. It’s THAT urgent to us. Hope to hear from you.

  17. Retired Appraiser says:

    I stand in awe of the number of appraisers that are still “hanging on” and praying for redemption.

    Seriously guys, does it take a 747 falling on your head to give you a hint about the future of this business?

  18. madmax the appraiser says:

    I just received notice that my amc’s will not be paying me. I did a narritive for Elliott & Co. out of North carolina. They did not like my value and suggested a value range for the property. I told them I was not going to change my value. I was high they wanted something much lower. Anyhow I will be going to small claims court as this fee is some $$. I live in South Carolina so the travel isn’t far. Be carefull out there, there are a lot of dead beats. Elliott & Co are A$$ Holes.

  19. SALVO says:

    OK, to my fellow appraisers, Im sure by now you are experiencing a substantial decline in orders….refis and sales are going down..with this comes along AMC whom will be going bk,,,chaper 7 – 11 b ankruptsy…please be carefull as to whom it is you decide to extend 30 – 60 months of your hard earned dollars and work to… think of the consequences before u take ur orders….we are not in a COD business anymore…….. many amc’s will go broke as they will not be able to pay expenses and will likely run with the money instead… did appraiser loft and more…. be carefull! no kidding

  20. markmax says:

    Last week I got 2 notices from amc’s to fill out their applcations. One was from CA and the other did not list an address. I’m in South Carolina so I email both I need paid up front. Never heard back from either which is fine with me, as I don’t trust any of them. No sense doing an appraisal if you don’t get paid. Just say no to amc’s.

  21. Dobegrl says:

    RE; Lori, Vesta
    Can you post the name/address/phone number of the attorney?

  22. Brad says:

    I am owed for one appraisal from 22 months ago from US Appraisal Group / American Internet Mortgage/ AimLoan. Are they still in business?

  23. Paul Lander says:

    Please read my September post-9 as well as Salvo’s post 3. I was warned back in 2002 by my mentor that the day will come when the spigot is turned off. Everyone that needed to refinance did it. It’s time to start another career and do appraisals on a part-time basis. I’ve lost 65% of my business starting June 12th. Everyone must be experiencing a significant drop in their work load. All the major banks have been laying off people in their mortgage dept.’s for several months. AMC’s are laying off people too. AMC’s will be folding at an alarming rate soon.

  24. Lori says:

    For anyone that did Appraisal work for Vesta Valuation…. Spoke with their attorney today who said they would be filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

  25. Salvo says:

    Fellow Appraiser, seriously, my best advise is to stop complaining about AMC’S and this down spiraling business, get out of denial and begin looking for a real, secure job. The Appraisal business has / is going the same route as many other jobs such as those taken over by illegal immigrants. Many of these jobs were once well paying jobs, now, an immigrant will do it for a fraction of your pay, as will many low balled appraisers….This is where we are heading, or have headed……The AMC’s are have been handed a winning lottery ticket, and if they can get an appraier to do it for $250.00, then why should’nt they. As Appraisers, the select many low balled appraiser are building our roads ahead. AMC’s will eventually be out of business as they are driving many out of business and a slow down is headed. The best move I had ever made is getting out of this business, and I now can do it part time, for the right fee!.. Paul Landers hit it on the head, we need to get out of denial.

  26. Cindy PA says:

    Solutionstar Settlement Services, AMC
    This company ordered a field review from my company and canceled it at 1:25 PM the afternoon it was due.
    The review was almost complete!
    The property was inspected
    All documents printed
    and I get a small trip fee!
    I will not work for any client who does not respect this profession!!!!!!!


  27. OneAppraiser says:

    solidifi is an amc that, like so may others, does not seem to know a thing about appraisal. steer clear of solidifi, they are really shady.

  28. Kean says:

    An AMC once said they couldn’t pay me because of a “cash flow” issue. They owed me about $2,000. Phone calls were no good, so I drove about 150 miles to their “headquarters”. I was very nice the whole time; when the “manager” stated that they couldn’t pay me then, I told them I’m going to sit in your office until I get paid. Well, they were going to call the police, cavalry, etc. There was nothing anyone could do ’cause I wasn’t breaking any law. About 45 minutes and 2 Sudoku puzzles later they brought me a check. I said “No, no – it has to be cash or I’m not going anywhere”. About 1/2 hour later my cash was there and they were summarily x-ed off my list. Where there’s a will, there’s a way with these parasites.

  29. madmax the appraiser says:

    Hey California,
    Thing are getting slow and will likly be slow for the rest of the year. I had a good 8+/- months work and have saved a few nuts for winter. LOL
    Appraiser’s better be careful with the amc’s, as they will be slow also and cash flow will be low. And as typical the appraiser will be last to get paid.
    A few years ago I was having a hard time getting paid by an amc and I kept calling and finally dropped a F bomb on the lady and she gave me her manager. She told me I would be put on the list to get paid for next month, but that does not mean that I will get paid. She said that they only pay out so much per month as they were having a cash flow problem. I finally got paid but I never did any appraisal for them.
    If everyone turn down these low fees, the amc’s will have to pay more. If you can survive without amc’s, thats great. Just remember the amc’s are trying to put us, the appraiser’s out of business. They have taken half of our fees and they want more.

  30. Kean says:

    What’s with this Clear Capital? I get my first (and last) order ever from them today. For $250 they want me to do the inspection on this particular property tomorrow! For $250! Are you kidding me? Then Clear Capital wanted me to submit to a background check which is not even required in CA and I pay $39.95 for that. Are they kidding me? One tries to speak to a real human and no one can get through their phone gauntlet. They’re nuts. Too bad this business has too many pieces of crap such as Clear Capital. Too bad.

    • Aaron says:

      Never had anything but problems with CC….By the time i finished with all of their repeated requested revisions and various support for typical adjustments I had practically written a commercial quality report for $225 on a SFR 1004..needless to say I pass on their requests these days, haven’t even bothered to upload my licensing renewal with them..

  31. Paul Lander says:

    Refinancing is dead. It probably won’t come back for several years. Everyone that needed to refinance, refinanced when the rates were at a low point. AMC’s will be out of business, but so will many residential appraisers. Banks will simply lay-off employees to show a profit. They are already doing that. Sophisticated programs being developed will eventually replace appraisers. A huge appraisal data base is being constructed.

  32. facts says:

    I don’t accept low fees I decline the orders or don’t respond. I try to make it as hard as possible for low paying AMCs. The number of appraisers is decreasing on a monthly basis. Print the list of active appraisers in your state and check it every month. Increase your fees and decline low fees…..

  33. UncleZev says:

    ok, I heard everyone’s gripes. Does anyone have any AMC that they do work with and have any good experiences to relate?

    I realize post of these posts are dated – any feed back from today?

  34. California Appraiser says:

    Madmax The Appraiser,

    I turned down everything below $300 while managed to survive, and I got stuck sometimes with nothing to do …But I will keep doing so …

    With some cash reserves I can make it thru a year in a worst case scenario… One by one, the AMCs will eat shht and die if most of us appraisers having enough money to live while fighting…

  35. California Appraiser says:


    Just found out information about ISGN.. , “First of all let me just say that Fiserv/ISGN is not a company that I’m proud to say or happy that I’ve done business with in the past. The relationship started when BB&T starting using Fiserv, the fees were so low I told them after a few appraisal assignments to raise my fees. They advised me I may not get work, and I didn’t. I was happy with that because I was busy with other work. I recently lowered my fees in order to get some work as things have been slow. It has been my experience from doing business with other management companies that Fiserv/ISGN is by far the worst. Anyway, the information that was divulged from a conversation yesterday from a representative was a bit shocking. She told me that she was being laid off and that ISGN is an Indian owned company and that her job was being outsourced to India. Unbelievable, we are not only losing a large amount of our fee, its now going to India. Is this where we are going?”

    Run Run Run!!!

  36. California Appraiser says:

    Don’t just walk, Please Run from this list:

    Trimavin, I Mortgage, StreetLinks, Valuation Management and PCV Murco.

    ISGN asking me to joint.. please advise ASAP..

  37. Fla Appraiser says:

    VALUEQUEST – Does anyone have experience with this AMC? I have never heard of them and they recently contacted us to get on their list. Thank you!

  38. Avp1 says:

    Clear Capital is exactly that: lowballing creeps that don’t care what is customary and reasonable, they just want to steal as much as they can from the person doing all the work – the appraiser. Hopefully they’ll be gone soon, they are thieves!

  39. SALVO says:


  40. Avp1 says:

    Dear DG,
    PVC Murcor DOES NOT RESPECT APPRAISERS!!! They think what you do is a joke! They think they are more important than you, the appraiser! They are a bottom-of-the-barrel AMC just like LSI, Corelogic, Nations Valutions, & Streetlinks! BOYCOTT THEM ALL!!! They DO NOT respect us!!!

  41. DG says:

    Am I the only one having trouble getting paid by PCV Murcor when they cancel an order after it was inspected but before it has been written. Their kill letter made no mention of any payment so I called and demanded an inspection fee. If you ever want to get frustrated try calling PCV Murcor and getting anyone who can help you. I have two hanging out there unpaid right now. What really ticks me off is PCV demand copies of all pictures to prove I actually inspected the property…its so nice to be trusted…then said they would pay based on mileage …no value being placed on the appraiser’s work. I’ve had it with them.

  42. Todd says:

    Has anyone worked with FAS Financial Asset Services, Inc from Irvine, California

    Any comments or feedback appreciated

  43. madmax the appraiser says:

    Do appraiser’s relize that if appraiser’s would not accept work from amc’s for 2 weeks they would be out of business. 2 weeks and the banks and lenders would have to call appraiser’s direct.
    I think all appraiser’s could survive for 2 weeks for this cause.

  44. Avp1 says:

    Dodd Frank maintains that appraisers are to be paid REASONABLE AND CUSTOMARY FEES, yet there are so many AMCs like LSI, RELS, Streetlinks, Corelogic, and PVC Murcor that have found loopholes and other ways of getting around paying what is reasonable and customary and doing what is right. Does that sound like any of those AMCs actually respect the appraiser or are they just being slimy and continuing to steal our fees for doing virtually nothing? Boycott all the under paying AMCs until they show appraisers some respect and do the right thing! They are all purposely VIOLATING Dodd Frank and need to be punished!

  45. Maurice Silva says:

    Service Link is showing signs of going under! NOW THEY WANT ACCESS TO YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT….. I’ve been ‘working’ for these folks for almost a year. Besides the lack of respect for the Appraisal Profession, I’ve documented a method that they use to withold payment. First, you cannot submit a request for payment when you submit the report. Second, their ‘QC’ department holds your billing submission by requiring responses to moronic questions. Then you billing is held up further by waiting for the ‘client’ to approve your report. When you are finaly able to bill, you have to wait anonther 2 weeks to process. Then another week goes by before you see a check…. To solve this ServiceLink wants to instant deposit your check. But they demand access to withdraw funds ‘in case they make the wrong deposit’.

  46. Don’t Extend Credit to a Company You Don’t Know
    Think of it this way: each and every time you accept a non-COD appraisal report, you’re extending credit to your client. And, if you’re accepting a report from a client that you haven’t worked with before, the risk that you’re taking by accepting that order is enormous. You don’t know how easy that company is going to be to work with, and you don’t know how soon they will pay you.

    You can never be absolutely sure about whether or not the client is going to pay you for the work you’ve done (even the ones that you’re currently working with!). Clients are at risk of a buyout, a merger, or cash flow issues at any time, and it’s important for you to remember that their risks translate into risks for your business as well.

    Think of your business like you would think of a lender. A lender would never loan out money to a borrower without first checking the borrower’s current credit history, would they? So, why do you?

    Appraisal Advisor, aims to provide appraisers with that kind of data through a system that works very much like a credit agency. Only licensed-verified Independent Fee Appraisers can write reviews about their clients. By providing 3 different types of reviews for you to complete about your clients, you can enter objective information about clients such as how long it takes them to pay in days (calculated by our systems using the date the appraisal was invoiced and the date the appraisal was paid), exactly how much that client is paying other appraisers in your coverage area, and how easy or difficult they are to work with.

    We combine your reviews with the those of other appraisers so that you can see statistically valid, objective information about clients that you currently do business with and clients that you’re thinking about working with.

    Our goal is to provide appraisers with a credit report substitute so that you can minimize your personal AND your professional liability.

    Register today. We’re free through the end of 2013 (at least!) and require no billing information.

  47. RM says:

    Mortgage Management Consulting of Edison, NJ. GA AMC #76. Avoid this AMC – they do NOT pay. The loan closed 30 days ago. Have sent correspondence. Next step is formal complaint to GA State Board. Real Estate Mortgage Network is also affiliated with this company. Stay away from both.

  48. Appraisal Advisor is challenging every appraiser in the nation to review at least 5 clients that you have worked with in the last two years. Remember that client that was so incredibly hard to deal with that you wanted to pull your hair out? Remember that client that was an absolute pleasure to work with?

    Appraisal Advisor provides appraisers with up-to-date, real time interactions with clients. We need your reviews to make that happen. Every time you complete an appraisal, make it a habit to write a quick review about your experience.

    Appraisal Advisor provides appraisers with similar techniques to what banks use before extending credit to someone. Generally, if an applicant has bad or unknown credit, the bank’s rates are higher.

    The problem most appraisers face is that they often don’t know about a potential client’s creditworthiness. If they did, the recent ES Appraisal, JVI, and AppraiserLoft debacles wouldn’t have occurred. But banks do have an idea by using credit reports. How do credit reports get created? Banks and other creditors submit all borrower histories to the credit agencies. We’ll be able to establish client payment histories and business practice reviews the same way, as long as appraisers like you submit reviews and invoice data through our system.

    What are you waiting for? Start reviewing your clients now

  49. Avp1 says:

    one question: why would any respectable appraiser do any work for PVC Murcor? again, don’t waste your time with the disrespectful, thieving, bottom feeder amcs like pcv murcor, nations valutions, valuation partners, act, LSI, etc. THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR APPRAISERS!!! BOYCOTT THEM ALL!!!

  50. SC appraiser says:

    The best way to deal with amc is don’t. I can say I currently do not do business with any amc. If every one would quit accepting work from amc, they would be out of business. The amc’s are the one’s in your pocket, talking all your money. Business has been good lately and this is the purfect time.

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